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Container largepresses...

... for stational or mobile use, choosable for connection to conveyor equipments, charging systems, chutes for waste and paper.

Wherever waste accrues,a press- container with integrated receptioninstallation and press pays for itself. So in hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, campsites etc.

Garbage presses for

Roll Dump Truck         Drop Dump Truck

Meaningful use of stationary presses at

  • Pressing of larger waste quantities
  • Use of changeable garbage containers with high utilization

Advantages of  stationary presses at
Charging through suction systems, i.e. printing industries

  • Charging from  ramp or through chute
  • Connection with a shunting installation making the loading 
    of multiple containers
  • possible
  • Charging via conveyer or through lifting - or tippingdevice
  • Utilization of garbage transfer facility, as liftingheights of
       more than 3 m are possible
    Stationary waste snail with electro-mechanical drive for
    charging customary containers.
    Exceptional: pressing of expansiv waste (foils) is possible as no rearexpansion appears which could close the chute.

Kontino channel baler
Economic recycling of paper, foils and cardboards pressed to bale


  • fully automatic operation
  • simple to operste
  • continuous pressing
  • No opening and closing of chute 
  • ripe technology